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By on June 25, 2016




The FCAC has adopted a structure meant to enable work on the broad variety of issues that coalition members are passionate about. This structure calls for quarterly general meetings, working groups based on issue areas, and a steering committee for coalition coordination.

General meetings will be accessible & community-oriented gatherings for the entire base held quarterly. These meetings will update coalition members on the progress of working groups, decisions made by the steering committee, and upcoming events and opportunities. Along with other coalition events, these will be excellent opportunities for low-commitment and new members to learn what is happening in the coalition and how to get involved.

Working groups based on issue areas (see below) will be the main vehicle for acting to achieve the coalition’s vision in a variety of areas – including developing campaigns and organizing events for the entire coalition base to attend and support. Working groups likely will accommodate varying levels of commitment, but will meet often– perhaps biweekly depending on the intensity of their goals.

Finally, a “steering committee” will provide leadership for the coalition as a whole. Made up of representatives from coalition working groups, serving on this committee will require an additional level of commitment and accountability. This steering committee will maintain dialogue and cohesion of vision between working groups with monthly open meetings, as well as make quick decisions & money allocation for FCAC with accountability to all of the the coalition.

A more in-depth explanation may be found in PDF form here.

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Working Groups

Climate Education & Public Outreach: Contact Odin Miller odinwm@gmail.com or Suzanne Smyth polarsolar@gmail.com for more information.

Interfaith: Contact Charley Basham at charley.basham@gmail.com, Cathy Walling at cathy.a.walling@gmail.com, or Ritchie Musick at ritchiemusick@gci.net for more information.

Renewable Energy: Contact Diane Preston at dianep@mosquitonet.com for more information.

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground: Contact: Jessica Girard at girard@northern.org or Princess Lucaj at princesslucaj@gmail.com for more information.

Policy and Politics:  Contact Enei Begay at eneibegaye@gmail.com or Andrew McDonnell at drewmcd@gmail.com for more information.

New Economy: Contact Justina Beagnyam at jbbeagnyam@gmail.com or Stephen Greenlaw at sagreenlaw@alaska.edu for more information.