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Mobilizing Fairbanks & Interior Alaska communities toward action to mitigate and adapt to climate change

About FCAC

By on June 25, 2016


About FCAC

As a hub community in Interior Alaska, Fairbanks is on the frontlines of the growing impacts of climate change and the human systems that cause it. The rapid warming of the Arctic is causing unprecedented effects to our communities– such as permafrost melt, worsening wildfires, and unpredictable winters, already disrupting our ways of life, health, and security. Meanwhile, Alaska’s dependence on fossil fuel extraction has not only polluted our lands and waters, but left our communities reeling from budget deficit.

The Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition (FCAC) formed in November 2015 from a diverse group of community members who recognized the need for our town to come together to confront these challenges. Heeding moral, spiritual, and scientific calls for transformation, the FCAC seeks to amplify work being done in our community for climate action and build momentum for a just transition to a new way of living with each other and with our environment.

Representing diverse constituencies and taking action on multiple issues, FCAC seeks to create space for the many types of change we will need in order to shift our communities away from an old paradigm of pollution, extraction, colonialism, and inequality. As we transition, we hope to center values of community, resilience, justice, and democracy, and call on indigenous knowledge and innovation to move forward. With these as guiding principles, we hope to chart a new path forward for Alaska and build a more sustainable economy and society.

Mission Statement

Through education and advocacy Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition will mobilize Fairbanks & Interior Alaska communities toward action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We seek to elevate climate solutions and foster a fair, equitable, & just transition to sustainable communities — locally, regionally and globally.

Past Events & Actions

From Paris to Fairbanks Panel Discussion – Jan 27th, 2016

On the heels of the Paris climate change conference, three Fairbanksans who attended shared their experiences as well as reflections on the implications of climate change for Alaska. To a crowd of about 100, speakers Princess Johnson, Don Ross, and Dave Matheny stressed the need to bring action on climate change home to Fairbanks.

Watch the panel here.

Fairbanks for a Clean Energy Economy Testimonial Rally at Arctic Science Summit – March 15th, 2016

In March of 2016, Arctic scientists and policymakers from all over the world met in Fairbanks for the Arctic Science Summit Week to coordinate and collaborate in all areas of Arctic science. To promote dialogue on behalf of the Fairbanks community, a testimonial rally was held on Tuesday, March 15 at Constitution Park on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, coinciding with summit events.  

The rally sought to elevate diverse viewpoints on climate change and address the need to act and educate on ways in which Alaskans (leaders, scientists, and individuals) can respond to climate change in a fair and equitable way with a just transition to a clean energy economy. Among those who spoke were Bessie Odom from the Anchorage NAACP, John Davies from the Fairbanks Borough Assembly, Esau Sinnok from Shishmaref, Jack Hebert from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, and Jessica Girard from the Northern Alaska Environmental Center.

Read about the rally’s goals here

Watch the speeches here.


Public testimony at Murkowski energy hearing – March 28th, 2016

On this day, Senator Lisa Murkowski, along with the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, held a field hearing in Fairbanks titled Alaska Resource Development – Opportunities to Create Jobs and Strengthen National Security. The list of witnesses was released with a major element missing: there was not a single renewable energy witness.

Several dozen members of FCAC appeared before Murkowski to protest the state’s continued dependence on the oil industry, calling instead to diversify our economy and act on climate change.

Read the full article here.


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Arctic Offshore Drilling Hearing – April 4th, 2016

Earth Day Proclamation and Species Walk – April 23rd, 2016

To celebrate Earth Day, FCAC organized a “March of the Animals” in downtown Fairbanks to celebrate Alaskan species, some of which are endangered or even extinct. Following the march, speakers from a diverse range of faith communities in Fairbanks gathered at the 1st Presbyterian Church called our faith community to action on climate change. Activities for children and adults, information about recycling and solar panels, plus drawings and door prizes were offered.

An overview of the faith statements can be viewed here.

GVEA Annual Meeting Comments – May 5th, 2016

This year, members of the Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA), our regional energy cooperative, formed a committee to consider a community solar project which will identify the best potential community solar plan to recommend to the Board of Directors. At GVEA’s annual meeting, FCAC expressed support for this solar project and other renewable energy initiatives.


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