Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition

Mobilizing Fairbanks & Interior Alaska communities toward action to mitigate and adapt to climate change

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By on June 25, 2016



Looking to get involved but not sure what kind of commitment you can make? There are a few different options for how much to get involved with the coalition.

General Member– Ideal for low-commitment or new members. Makes an effort to attend quarterly general meetings, attends events when possible, supports our campaigns for climate action with presence and participation. Join our email list to receive updates about upcoming general meetings!

Working Group Member– Attends fairly frequent working group meetings (around twice a month), organizes or supports projects, campaigns, and events within the working group issue areas. Ideally also attends general meetings and supports coalition efforts as a whole. Visit this page for more information about working groups.

Steering Council Liaison– Represents a working group on coalition steering council, commits time to organize and attend monthly steering council meetings, facilitates communication between working groups, helps to guide direction of the coalition as a whole. Must display high commitment to the cause as well as accountability and connection to coalition members and broader community.

Receive news & updates from the Coalition!

Receive news & updates from the Coalition!