GVEA Annual Members’ Meeting
Thursday, 5/2, 6:30pm 
Lathrop HS Hering Auditorium (901 Airport Way)

This is YOUR opportunity to get engaged as a member-owner of Golden Valley Electric Association – the electricity cooperative that you own if you pay an electric bill. We need you to show up, bring your friends and neighbors and co-workers to testify and help make the message clear that Fairbanks wants a transition to renewable energy & energy efficiency!

Registration starts at 5pm, and the business meeting begins at 6:30pm. We urge you to register and comment as a member-owner. Below are some key talking points to emphasize:


  • Carbon Emissions Reduction goal – 26% carbon emissions from 2012 levels by 2030 is a good starting point. The next step is to have a plan for how we’ll achieve this.

  • GVEA Solar Project – Installation of the 563kw solar system in South Fairbanks is an excellent first step in building out GVEA’s solar operations. We are proud that GVEA took this step and included community members in the process!

  • GVEA’s Wind Power – Thank you for the wind power at Eva Creek and purchase of power from Delta

  • Railbelt – Thank you for supporting Railbelt integration so that we have a more reliable, renewables-friendly grid


  • Renewable Energy: Be proactive in searching for, advocating for, and incorporating more forms of renewable energy into the grid

      • For example, consider adding new turbines to the remaining pads out at Eva Creek

  • Healy 1: Do not extend the life of the Healy 1 coal-fired power plant

  • Regional Planning: Make sure that in addition to a Transco we have a strong Railbelt Reliability Council with planning and dispatch powers at the regional scale. Don’t agree to give exclusive transmission planning powers to the Transco when a private company will stand to profit from that.

  • Energy Efficiency: Further promote Homesense and Businessense programs to lower demand, and possibly subsidize some energy efficiency and conservation upgrades with on-bill financing.

  • Grid Reliability: work to beef up the grid in order to handle more and varied sources of renewable energy.

  • Now that smart meters are in, what about time of day metering as part of the effort to equalize demand?