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Mobilizing Fairbanks & Interior Alaska communities toward action on climate change

Our Mission

Through education and advocacy Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition mobilizes Fairbanks & Interior Alaska communities toward action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We seek to elevate climate solutions and foster a fair, equitable, & just transition to sustainable communities — locally, regionally and globally. We seek to build a renewed & respectful relationship between all beings and the earth.

Our Values


We are motivated by the moral, spiritual, & scientific duty to take action & elevate voices of responsibility to each other, the earth, and all living beings. We have adopted the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing. Learn more about how we work here!

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FCAC is looking for a logo and we want you to create it!

FCAC is looking for a local artist (or collaboration) to create a logo for our Coalition that embodies our essence through an image.

Talk to the community, how do they see the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition?

Please email submissions and questions to fcaclogo@gmail.com no later than April 24th.

A local FCAC team will meet and decide on the logo winner on the 1st of May. Logo will be highlighted at an FCAC x Native Movement collaborative art show in June.


GVEA Board Meeting
April 22, 2019 • 6:30pm

Board Room of GVEA’s headquarters location: 758 Illinois St., Fairbanks

Monthly, we encourage GVEA members to attend the GVEA board meetings and help bring some community requests to our local electric supplier. Our requests are:

  • The following are a few points to emphasize:

    • Thanks for the CO2 emissions reduction pledge - it's a good intermediate goal!

    • Thank you for continuing to push for a transmission company to help unify the Railbelt grid from Homer to Fairbanks!

    • What are plans for helping members with energy efficiency? Can GVEA put more money to supporting energy demand reductions?

    • Now that smart meters are in, what about time of day metering as part of the effort to equalize demand?

    • What are plans for near future use of the four extra wind turbine pads at Eva Creek?

    • GVEA should absolutely not put more money into the Healy 1 coal power plant, cannot afford to get locked into coal generation in the future

    • Yes — continue working with the Eco Green wind power proposal if it is able to reduce emissions and save money

  • Decommission Healy 1 Coal-fired plant. There are too many consequences to extending Healy 1’s operating life:

    • GVEA should not spend money renovating Healy 1 to lower particulate pollution, as the sunk costs would lock GVEA members into decades of high emissions.

    • Extending Healy 1 limits the ability of GVEA to add new renewables to the grid by displacing potential demand.

    • Put an ambitious renewable energy proposal on the table to displace any capacity needed after


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