Regenerative Economy Working Group

If our current economy is producing climate change, pollution, and inequality, what kind of economy can provide good livelihoods that work both for people and the planet? This working group is focused on finding answers to that question that make sense for Alaska—we seek to redefine the goals of the economy away from maximizing income for the wealthy few towards achieving broad-based equity, community health, and ecological sustainability.

We have a tremendous opportunity now to build a new and regenerative economy in Alaska. While our dependence on the fossil fuel industry has enriched Outside CEOs and provided some jobs and financial resources for our state, it has also polluted our lands and contributed to hazardous global warming. With declining petroleum production and an oil price bust, its clear that we need to transition. Alaskans have the choice now to instead build an economy that is based on regeneration — both of renewable resources and of healthy communities and good livelihoods for workers. Our working group is building a vision and plan toward a regenerative economy and we are elevating Alaskan voices calling for this vision.

Click here for additional material & resources on the potential and outlines for a new economy in Alaska and beyond.

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