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GVEA Annual Meeting - Testify for Renewable Energy!

The following are a few points to emphasize:

  • Thanks for the CO2 emissions reduction pledge - it's a good intermediate goal!

  • Thank you for continuing to push for a transmission company to help unify the Railbelt grid from Homer to Fairbanks!

  • What are plans for helping members with energy efficiency? Can GVEA put more money to supporting energy demand reductions?

  • Now that smart meters are in, what about time of day metering as part of the effort to equalize demand?

  • What are plans for near future use of the four extra wind turbine pads at Eva Creek?

  • GVEA should absolutely not put more money into the Healy 1 coal power plant, cannot afford to get locked into coal generation in the future

  • Yes — continue working with the Eco Green wind power proposal if it is able to reduce emissions and save money

  • Decommission Healy 1 Coal-fired plant. There are too many consequences to extending Healy 1’s operating life:

    • GVEA should not spend money renovating Healy 1 to lower particulate pollution, as the sunk costs would lock GVEA members into decades of high emissions.

    • Extending Healy 1 limits the ability of GVEA to add new renewables to the grid by displacing potential demand.

    • Put an ambitious renewable energy proposal on the table to displace any capacity needed after