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Fairbanks City Council meeting

There will be a vote on the Equal Rights Ordinance. Please come to the City Council building at 5pm to show your support. Or e-mail your support to

Message from one of our newest City Council Members, Kathy Ottersen:

Next Monday (Dec. 10th) the Fairbanks City Council will vote on a city Equal Rights ordinance which includes LGBTQI persons along with the other groups that are specifically mentioned in Alaska’s current state law. This will make us the fourth city in Alaska to pass such protections, whereas our state legislature has so far declined to do so.

What’s of note is that it is supported by the entire council - all six members will be on the final version as co-sponsors, and our mayor has stated his support as well. Conservative, centrist, liberal are labels that don’t matter in this moment. We are stating with one voice, in the strongest way we can, that our city values all persons without exception.

Regardless of the council’s unity, though, I’m asking that folks take a few minutes and email us with your support (at If anybody would like to take additional time to tell why it matters to you personally that we’re taking this action, or relay stories about discrimination or violence you or your loved ones have dealt with, please do. And my request is not just to those of you in the US, but also overseas, where I know that some of you live in nations that criminalize LGBTQ persons, deny you basic human rights, and put your lives in danger every day.

I’m certainly aware that Fairbanks is a small city that is very distant from the rest of the world, and our passing this ordinance won’t merit much notice beyond our local area. But I believe every act of defiance against the growing tide of intolerance and division matters, no matter where in the world it happens and no matter how small it may seem. For me it’s a moment to celebrate.

Thank you.