Regenerative Economy

"Economy" should not just be about maximizing income–we believe in advancing livelihoods that positively affect people, the land, and the climate. This working group is focused on reshaping the definition of "economy."  Our current economic structure is far too dependent on an economy of extracting fossil fuels.  This dependency has left Alaska's economy in a spiraling decline, in short we are on the "bust" side of a failing oil economy. In addition, we are also just beginning to feel the major impacts of climate change in Alaska. The time is now to shift our Alaskan economy to a path away from fossil fuel investments.

We have a tremendous opportunity now to build an "regenerative" economy.  A Regenerative Economy utilizes resources that are renewing and takes into account the entire ecosystem of inter-dependence.  We have the opportunity to build an economy that not only renews but also values workers and builds towards the purpose of community sustainability. Our working group is building a vision and plan toward a Regenerative Economy and we are elevating Alaskan voices calling for this vision.

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